History ang wars


The term Zakatala is connected to a title of nations sackov which one in an antiquity lived in this terrain. Except for them in this terrain lived legi, geli, silvi, djigbi.The nations, lived in this terrain, originally professed zoroastrizm. With originating of Christianity, the part of nations became the Christians (geli).With distribution of Islam overwhelming majority of the population has became Muslums. The nations were integrated in communities, and community in larger social groups, so has appeared Jar-Belakan Jamaats, which one have aggregated in themselves six large communities. A community makes a little village, equivalent in all problems. The ground was together processed, a crop divided equally. Jointly decided all internal and external problems (war, concluding of the peace treaty). Each 4-5 years of a community collected on meetings, where the solutions were received. The adopted solutions became with the law. At the end of 16 centuries some of communities have got depending on mountaineer of nations, in personally unit Avars and Lezgin. They paid tribute.In the season Chanstv in Jamaats the formation of classes began. The elevation of the separate chapters of sets, began. But here class attitude(relation) was not hardly advanced.During board Shah Abbas I began moving mountaineer of nations in terrain Jamaats. So the nations Avars were settled. In the beginning 17 centuries avar at assistance Shah Abbas I have subordinated to themselves Ingeloys, and also other the local population and is final settle down in villages Belakan, Jar, Danachi, Tala, Chardahli, Kateh, Suvagi etc. 


In 1735 there was a large revolt against board a Nadir Shah. For depressing of revolt the Nadir Shah has transmitted large forces led by the brother Ibrahim Chan. The forces Commands Ibrahim Khan to Kharabakh, Sheki have entered on terrain Jamaat. In gorge Djanik a troops have got in an ambush and were erased. Ibrahim Khan was death. In 1738 the Nadir Shah has transmitted padding large forces, which one have managed to suppress revolt.In the beginning 19 centuries began large-scale approach to Caucasus. Having trapped Eastern Georgia Russian become to make dispositions for acquisition of Azerbaijan. Maiden on their pathes(route) there was a strategic relevant site(segment). In 1803 Russian transfer to approach in two directions. On Belakan and in a direction Jar on a coast of the river Alazan. Russian have gained victory, having trapped Belakan, have shattered village. The population Jar has decided to be handed without a combat. In Tiflis the quoters Jamaat and Russian command the agreement for acceptance of Russian citizenship is concluded. Besides they were obliged to pay tribute at a rate of 220 poods of silk annually. In Jar Russian army was placed.But soon mountainer nations of Dagestan have trapped Jar and Belakan. Russian troops fired Jar. But the population was not handed and has engaged in combat with Russian forces and has gained victory, having killed the head of the army. But soon Russian with a large army again has trapped Jar and Belakan.In 1830 revolt against Russian oppression again began. But it was severely overwhelmed by an imperial troops.In 1830 the large revolt began, which one was prolonged some months. In the season(term) of revolt there were some battles. The revolt was overwhelmed in a blood, the large part perilune was broken down.In the season(term) of the Caucasian war against a troops Shamil, in Jamaat there were some protrusions.In 1863 in Zakatala the consolidated stability was constructed, in which one Russian garrisons were placed. Some times integrated forces of a troops Shamil and Jamaatov deposited(precipitated) a stability.


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